The Unmistakable connection.

The Unmistakable connection.

Honestly feels like ages since I’ve posted anything remotely fashion related on my blog! You may scroll down after this reading this and find that I’ve just spent the last few days throwing pictures at you and writing very little at all…you may also wish to note whenever various lines of words and phrases have surrounded you, they had no connection to fashion whatsoever. Well er, sorry about that one. Though I’d like to suggest photography and fashion regularly mumble to each other in a sort of constant, creative, inspiration conversation. New season trends will always gesture to the years gone by, obviously inspired by a once living image. Its simply natural to aim to repeat the success of the past, in an attempt to gain understanding of what a prosperous future may be.

See, People involved in the creative industries do not make a clear defined choice to become totally besotted with an image. When reaching for true inspiration, you cannot pick what you want to inspire you. You have to let it choose you, like an undeniable force of the universe pulling you until you can simply only admit defeat.  Take a look at the obvious references to 50’s trends for S/S 2012, especially the more captivating of the lot, like Dolce & Gabbana’s floral numbers which remind me a little of Louis Vuitton A/W ’10 collection.  As commercial as the industry is, and as much of a dreamer as I am, I’d still like to believe these re awoken styles are ones that hint from real life images discovered by the teams themselves. I wish the photo’s they found to have been the type they just couldn’t avert their gazes from, the genre of the ones you have to make several copies of in order to pin them many places, scrapbooks, mood boards, even in your wardrobe.  Though I don’t feel photography enters only the realm of fashion design,  but that it underpins the creative context of your own personal style.

D&G S/S 12 collection,

I am forever influenced by photographs in magazines and on the internet, and i’m training myself to take more time to find what I really love about them. Anything involving a classic Hollywood starlet and red lipstick gets me every time.  As does blonde hair with dark roots. I see a photo of Elvis I’m tempted to cut my hair short just so I can try and form my own successful quiff.  And I also see the huge pull I have towards androgynous clothing due to various figures shot in the public eye. A picture of Henry Holland makes me want to go roll up my jeans and wear some brogues. We are inspired by others, who have been inspired by others.

If we talk of it all in biological terms, Its like the art and power of photography is at the bottom of the food chain, its the beginning, and things just don’t thrive well without it. So for as long as I’m writing about fashion & Style, I’ll also be both writing and taking pictures. I’m not saying I yet have the ability to capture images that will inspire others, but that maybe in order to write about fashion on a basic level, I have to unearth the complications of photography and what the images want for our future, even if they are from the past.

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