Burgers from Meat & Liquor Liverpool | Food

Burgers from Meat & Liquor Liverpool | Food

It’s been a long while since we first dined at Meat & Liquor, now called ‘Meat Factory’ based on Lark Lane, Liverpool but it was too gorgeous not to share with you all!

Reivew of Meat and Liquor/Meat Factory based in Lark Lane, Liverpool

J: Like most things I end up discovering these days, Meat & Liquor was a total twitter find. It appears I’ve begun a habit of virtually stumbling on Liverpool based foodie places and then giving them a good ol’ follow. When Martin suggested we head out for Tea on Friday night this place had already been top of my list to try out for a good while – Particularly because they do a Burger and Fries £5.95 lunch time deal that I’d seen them tweet about a few times and they looked fab. I couldn’t wait to get there, and I most definitely was not disappointed!

M:When approaching M&L my immediate thought was it looked fairly cute and that continued as I walked in. There is a look of rough and rustic as the tables and booths are made out of big planks of wood, some of the tables are held up with scaffolding (yes that is the look) the chairs around the other tables are metal and the bar stools are the same but taller, there is a big feature wall with different foods (burgers, hotdogs, cans to name a few) and at one end there is a quote by Scarlett Johansson “I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face”, which is quite fitting to what they sell. The lighting was pleasant and not too bright or dark again going for the rustic look with industrial pendant lamps. There was music playing in the background and the music is good!! We both had a little singsong and a chair dance session too! The look is fairly unique and it is comfortable.
We were then taken to our seat and our order was taken, we ordered the ‘Brooklyn Big Ass’, which consists of “Double bacon, jack cheese, pulled pork, potato pancake, lettuce, onion rings, slaw and M&L Sauce.” Alongside that ‘Big Ass’ we ordered ‘Duck fries’ and ‘Bacon fries’. Later we ordered soft drinks and they arrived in glass bottles and a jam jar with ice and lemon, this being a personal favourite of mine as it is just a cute character of dining.

Dsicover the latest review of Meat & Liquor/Meat Factory based in Lark Lane in LiverpoolJ: let me tell you this…I’m not even a burger type of girl but the food was bloody damn good. If I ever go anywhere and end up getting a burger I get a chicken one which is so pointless because lets be honest, clearly not a burger is it. I was so swayed by all of the extra’s the burger came with that I couldn’t not indulge in a bit of beef. (Like when I say I’m not a burger type of girl, I mean like, I still get chicken nugget happy meals…you judgin’ me?!)
Burgers seem to have had a bit of a uprising recently so I’ve been really wanting to go somewhere and not be disappointed by the choices or the price. In Byron burger its over a tenner for a chicken burger with like half a piece of bacon…and then you have to pay extra for BBQ sauce…just no thanks. This is why I was so made up all my favourite things were included for £7.90. Yes life. My only minor complaint was that I’d specifically said no cheese or no lettuce and I had to send it back cause it came with them but there was no problem because I’d say I had the correct one within 2 minutes of me sending the first one back. I don’t even know what a burger is even supposed to taste like so I’ll hand you back over….

M: The Burger was a great taste, when I looked at it I thought it may have been a bit greasy but when I managed to squash it down and I tasted it I was surprised, as it tasted just perfect, nice and juicy, not too juicy and not dry, just right. Could have done with a little more of the M&L Sauce but that is not a huge issue. The Duck Fries we also ordered were just amazing!! I have never had anything like it, a perfect mix especially the M&L sauce and Hoisin sauce; they both complimented the duck and fries a great taste! The bacon Fries were a little plain, they looked good but they seemed dry and not that interesting, they could have done with some sauce, I think there was some sort of flavouring on the actual fries but I’m not sure what it was as it wasn’t that strong. Overall my experience was amazing, the service was great the atmosphere was just right and I can’t thank everyone at Meat & Liquor enough for making our evening a fab one!

Duck Fries from Meat & Liquor/meat Factory on Lark Lane, Liverpool

J: I totally agree about the Duck fries. like oh my word they were so good. We had originally ordered the pulled pork ones of the menu but then I spotted these on the special board just after we had ordered and I was like we have to change them now. I know Pulled pork is like a thing these days, and as much as I like it, it just doesn’t beat duck and these were spot on. Yeah too about the Bacon ones, I wouldn’t really recommended them to be honest but what i will say is like order a billion portions of the duck ones!

M: 9/10
J: 8.5 purely cause I’m picky.

Meat & Liquor – now called Meat Factory don’t have a website – but you can find them on Twitter here.


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