The beauty in the truth

The beauty in the truth


I think honesty and truth is beautiful. Even though sometimes we don’t like the truth people tell us, I find the fact that someone being completely honest and trusting you in that vulnerable state of complete openness a wonderful thing. I do not think this is something that should be taken for granted.

However, sadly in today’s world many people seem to have forgotten this, and instead we often seem intent on kidding everyone around us about who we are by portraying an image of ourselves that is not truly us. Whether it is wearing make-up and clothes that are in fashion, or telling stories about our life that maybe aren’t 100% true to seem more interesting, I don’t think I know anyone who is completely ‘what you see is what you get’ to the world; myself included.

I’m not saying there is necessarily anything wrong with wearing make-up or clothes that make you feel happy or more confident in yourself or wanting to fit in with the world, who wouldn’t? But I do think that it is sad that if most people were completely honest to themselves there would be aspects of their life that they do not to enjoy their own life, but to please other people. Media and portrayed image today has given us this idea of having to have ‘the perfect image’ in order to just have a normal, happy life. This is a lie. It is all imaginary. Trying that crash diet or that new moisturiser or eating that ‘miracle fruit’ won’t make us ‘beautiful’ overnight like the adverts tell us they will. This is because we are already beautiful, but the adverts make us feel like we aren’t beautiful because we can’t reach that impossible image they adverts portray.

We become so intent on trying to reach that impossible imaginary image of ‘beauty’ that we forget to look at ourselves as we already are and realise we are already full of beauty. We have life stories, we have friends that we laugh and cry with, we have fun, we work hard, we act crazy, we break things, we try new things, we have that favourite song that nobody else likes but we don’t care because there’s something about it that we love so much, we have bad habits, and we have those people that we can be completely honest and truthful to. We are unique, and who we are is not imaginary, but 100% true. That right there is beauty.

2 thoughts on “The beauty in the truth”

  • I think beauty is an inside job, if you learn to love yourself, including your imperfections which is what makes you unique ( which is what makes us truly beautiful anyway ) Happiness radiates out of you no matter what make up or clothes you have on and the more people who wake up to this fact the happier the world will be, much love to you Jess, brilliant topic to raise awareness on xxxx

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