Your Sunday Supplement: 13/09/15

Your Sunday Supplement: 13/09/15

I struggle to find all the content I want to read in one place. A lot of websites have some sectors covered completely and utterly brilliantly, where as there are some I only places I dip into from time to time. I like to read intelligent, insightful content that makes me think and challenges my perceptions, but I also like to read other more lighthearted, jovial stuff to. I read a lot of articles daily, but once they are over, I rarely record them apart from sharing the odd one on Facebook. This week i’m made an effort to copy the link down, to create a curated list of what to read if the Sunday papers are too flat for you. While I’ve inevitably missed a few, here’s what i’ve read this week;

 A quick look into with the premium collections from high streets stores are worth buying – The Pool.
My lovely friend Amy has just returned from a year in Nepal and she’s wrote a blog about it.
I love Emma Thomson and she’s a feminist, you can’t get better. – Vulture 
THAT Katy Hopkins change petition. Why has no one thought of it earlier? –
Paying someone to live tweet your wedding. A BIG step to far in my opinion! –Medium
Activism or Slactivism? Quick thoughts on Bring back our girls campaign – The Guardian 
A playful response to the wave of nutrition obsessed bloggers landing publishing deals – The Debrief
Why Syrians having smart phones doesn’t mean they’re too rich to help- The Independant 

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