An ode to the practical life

An ode to the practical life

Let me put this out there; practicality has never really been my thing.

While other, more normal members of my peer group recognised the need for warmth and comfort early on in life, concerned fashion focused individuals like myself ignored all such necessities in a warped quest to look “good”, whatever the consequences. Like most females, my fashion choices and teenage memories are of course intertwined; a blur of blistered, bloodied feet, and an almost constantly soggy chill are accompanied by an Arctic Monkeys soundtrack and bucketfuls of kohl pencil. I thought ditching waterproofs, trainers and weather appropriate hats was the high of uber, on trend style, when in hindsight I just looked a bit of a tit.Ribbet collage

This can be referenced back to one outfit in particular, in which I clearly thought I was at the height of my too cool for school 14 year old sophistication. I was on a summer camp, which involved some minor outdoor activity, aka walking up a hill. After mostly ignoring the “what to pack” list for the third year in a row, I had decided to actually be organised and bring the ‘pack a mac’ I’d been forced to buy for a guide trip earlier in the year. I had no plans to actually wear it, obvs but after lots of encouragement from camp leaders, I decided that if I had to do it, it could be as a sassy queen of true style. While the rest of my group dressed appropriately in wellies, walking boots, tracksuit pants and hoodies, in I walk sporting a bright turquoise jacket, matching blue Keds esque pumps and denim jeggings. Not forgetting the ultimate Gok inspired style weapon of course – a big fat black leather waist belt right round the middle of me (you know the thick ones they used to sell attached to shirt dresses and pencil skirts back in 07/08 – them) I think i thought i was a sassy as they came!

The very same waterproof...

However, moving on the point of this blog post, I have got more practical now i’ve said goodbye to my teens. I own wellies for damp autumn days, and crack out comfortable black vans for my commute to work. Hell, I even treated myself to a jazzy waterproof as a birthday present to myself, it’s all rock n roll at twenty don’t ya know it ✌️

Now however is finally the time to openly admit i’ve spent the past year embarking on a wonderful journey with a double strapped joy called the rucksack . Once an item that i thought thought was reversed to hill walkers and those who take their education seriously, the rucksack has become my pride & joy. Admittedly i’ve been pretty much cheating on my usual type, tote, since backpack and I first met as plane hand luggage. I’ve tried flirting with boxy types and satchels since that departure lounge date but nothing else feels quite right anymore. Once you go backpack, you never go back – right?!


It started with humble beginnings and A basic Primark fabric number, but then Martin upped the game and took things premium when he bought me the most delicious deep wine leather number from John Lewis as a Christmas present. However it’s too small for my apple mac so i’ve been on the hunt for something bigger for a while – Black and leather ideally.

I was in Leeds last weekend when I bumped into my new New look beauty. Standing in the middle of the shop taking my laptop out of my old backpack, and removing all of the stuffing to check if I could fit in this one wasn’t my most stealth moment I admit, but it was definitely worth it. While not leather, this bag is everything I wanted! It’s comfy, features adjustable straps and offers the security of zips. It’s a timeless piece, but I’m really in love with the studded details that give it a darker, more Autumn/Winter vibe.



New Look Black Studded Backpack, £22.99.



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