Your Sunday Supplement: 20/9/2015

Your Sunday Supplement: 20/9/2015

Here’s my curated list of the articles I’ve read this week;

Mega SATC babe and Liverpool born Lass Kim Cattrall on being maternal and a mother figure, without having a biological child: Red online

Why the hell do the media still shame a successful women just because she doesn’t have children?! Jennifer Aniston talks about not having any here: Red online

I’ve been just generally catching up on the posts of digital consultant Alice who blogs about her life, her children, travel, food & various other issues like divorce. I have no idea how I found her site but i’ve been reading it for years, she’s fab: More than Toast.

The whole Linkedin Profile picture comment thing: Metro UK.

GRAPHIC: The feminist who enjoys being dominated in the bedroom. “It baffles me when women who identify themselves as feminist attack others for their sexual preferences. If feminism arose from women’s lack of choice, why, then, do you invalidate other women’s choices? It is my body and I am going to do what I want with it, not what will fit into anyone else’s ideas about what sex should be.” Interesting read from Cosmo.

What great political news: Huffington Post

It’s 30 years since the surprising programme of my childhood (School holidays in my mans house) and this lighthearted list proves these girls where the ultimate queens of sass & wit: Buzzfeed

The lack of Women in the new labour cabinet: Politics UK


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