Being a human online; real wardrobe diary

Being a human online; real wardrobe diary

The internet has totally changed the way we record our lives. While others can see this difference so clearly through the comparison of their own childhoods to that of their newer family additions, I admittedly, and well obviously, am younger than the internet. What I can notice however is the shift in the way technology and the internet is used with those who are just a few years younger than me. The digital patterns of us ’94 & ’95 babies seem to differ dramatically to them real tail end 90’s children.

One way the rapid rise of the internet and mobile technology has changed our behaviour patterns is in our attitude to lifestyle sharing and our desire to be seen in a certain light. My dad, a mid 60’s baby, just does not get, full stop, what is interesting about putting a filter on a cup of coffee and then posting it for everyone to see.  And to be fair he has a really good point, because why do we really find such value in that Nashville hazed latte? Isn’t it all just because of what we want people to perceive of it? All them plane window shots (Guilty as hell!) surely must be, have to be way more “Oh look at me” than about the natural formation of clouds in the sky. We seem to project and even live our lives for the selfish gratification of them little like notification, gone in seconds. Being a real person with real struggles, disasters, thoughts, feelings, hopes and triumphs just doesn’t feel chic enough to post about.

We have this need for our lives to look sassy, special and totally unattainable, even if that brand new necklace is from primark, and we’re sipping dishwater tasting coffee in a greasy spoon with our Michael Flaws bags next to us. While I don’t consciously try to create this impression, I guess it’s something we are all guilty of it to some extent. While I post about lots of things on my social media profiles, like the mundane rubbish no one wants to really know about to both sad & happy emotions, one area I feel totally out of my depth posting about is outfits.

I’d love for this blog to showcase my personal style, but i feel completely inadequate in what is already a totally saturated industry.  Major body confidence issues aside, my outfits aren’t mind-blowing, high fashion looks, they are just the stuff I wear everyday. After spending seven years in a very strict school uniform, it’s hard to navigate the transition over to a non uniformed full time job. I used to dress to impress on non uniform days and weekends, determined to showcase my style credentials, but when you have to try to do so everyday, it’s just not possible. I’m busy enough without having to schedule time to take loads of photos of outfits I don’t actually wear in real life, and I feel silly at the thought of posting photos of real, everyday outfits that aren’t highly styled perfectly looking images.

However they say every blogger has to find their niche, so here’s mine. I’m going to post about what I actually wear day to day, not what I think looks good on the internet. You won’t see fancy heels, cause that does not work for me with a 50 minute bus ride then a 20 minute walk to the office, nor will much lipstick feature because I’m not into the imprint left on my coffee cup. What you will see is clothes I decided on in about 2 minutes because I like my bed and I’m a REAL person.


So here’s my first REAL WARDROBE DIARY look:




And my very real description: Sorry not sorry about my totally slap free face but effort on this day was a big fat zero, so enjoy my permanent rosy cheeks.

I’m wearing a very well loved shirt white from H&M that’s about 2 and a half years old. It’s been washed so many times it’s getting way too sheer and I think one of them gems has fallen off the collar but I still love it. I’m wearing a jumper because we don’t have any heating in the office right now and the climate inside it often resembles the arctic It’s not even mine but one I borrowed when I was ill equip for a dog walk over a year ago. I’m really into the little colour flecks and elbow patches though so I kept it.

My pants are from M&S and they’re two sizes too big which makes them look seriously unflattering, but that’s all the had left and I really loved them so i just bought them anyway. My shoes are from New Look and they’re are new so they actually made my feet bleed. My accessories in the form of a purple bobble is due to my need to always have the option to tie my hair up.

So there you have it, an outfit post about what I actually wore. Do you like this idea or do you prefer all them glossy images of the latest clothes? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Facebook page.


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