Happy International Women’s day 💪

Happy International Women’s day 💪

I’ve got precisely 8 minutes to write how I feel about international women’s day so stick with me on this on. I’m so for girl power, so for feminism, so for championing equal rights and so for celebrating women. Today is such a glorious day, with social media, blogs, videos and news sites outpouring joy and love for downright AMAZING Women that went against the flow, women that stood forward to shout when everyone else turned the backs and hid. Women that changed the world! It’s amazing, its so encouraging and ultimately its incredibly powerful. Lets break the glass ceiling, lets fix the gender pay gap, lets obliterate sexual assault and cat calling. Lets change the world so our daughters and our granddaughters don’t face the same discrimination we face, but that they know full well how hard a fight its been.

Women are amazing and I’m so bloody proud to be one and I’m so honoured to work with so many in a professional capacity and I admire them all so much.  I feel so lucky to have gone to an all girl secondary school. While inevitably I experienced plenty of bitchiness and the darker side of females, I also felt totally empowered and happy to be united in such a sisterhood. I’m so blessed to have spent my teenage girls never feeling discriminated against because I was female as i know so many others across the world are not in that position. Without realising it my all girls school taught me that I achieve whatever I want, regardless of my gender, because my gender never came up.

Although today you may see lots of famous or historical women being celebrated, make you celebrate those that are closer to home too.

So to My family, My friends, My work colleagues, old teachers, all the amazing female influences in my life…

I couldn’t be more blessed than to be surrounded with your skills, talents, wit, humour, advice, guidance, perseverance, dedication and downright amazingness. Thanks for helping shape me into the Women I am today. I salute your amazingness and I celebrate in your achievements .💪

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