A pointless ode to time.

A pointless ode to time.

John Lennon wasn’t half right when he said that Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. How many years have I been half heartedly writing this blog for now? One minute it’s International Women’s day in March and then you blink and have a long lie in one Saturday morning and suddenly you’re half way through not even June or July but August. Life’s a funny old thing isn’t it? Timehop is telling me it’s 3 years since A Level results day, which is crazy bizarre because that whole period of life feels like a some ulterior universe, but on my walk to the train station this morning I listened to My Chemical Romance and Paramore and I just know a part of my soul will be forever 15. Them awkward, painful teenage years of weird crushes, too much eyeliner, and living life clutching at the end of my school jumper will forever be etched into my existence.

The funny thing about time I guess, is that it does just run away with you. And really, it’s hard to enjoy isn’t it? I’ll throw my hands up and say just enjoying the moment isn’t my strong suit. I’m not raring ready to go each Monday morning, and life doesn’t feel glittering with possibilities. It feels tired, and as I psych myself up for another week at life, all I want is STRONG coffee and to go back to bed. I think about how I could be all sassy, professional and put together on the train and listen to a podcast, but instead I scroll endlessly through Social Media cause that’s just too much effort pre 8am.

I guess what’s in my head is that you’ve just got to appreciate life when you can. You’ve got to relish the simple things, instead of putting on a label on something and thinking you can’t enjoy something because it’s a Monday, or a Wednesday or a Sunday night. You’ve just gotta let time be time and enjoy the moments that make you laugh. Tonight we had such a fun time dancing round the kitchen to Kate Bush while making a chilli, watching one of our favourite programmes and talking a phone free walk in the park where we meet a nice dog and watched the sky turn from blue to a shade of candy floss. We came home, sat on the sofa, drank diet coke and ate a strawberry yogurt each. It was simple, it wasn’t fancy, but it was just life being life, and it was nice.

I think that’s what I’m getting at, is that sometimes you just gotta let life, be just that. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Instead of hoping for the holiday, clock watching till 5, or rejoicing at lunchtime you’ve got to let go of the arranged, the planned, the purposeful and just sit back, and see where the road takes you.

If you’d have told me about my current career on A Level results day them 3 years ago, I know I’d be happy. But when I look back, it’s all them other little things, that have become the big things. It’s the home I live in with the Man I love, and the friends & the memories along the way that ground you, that remind you that time if time but life is life and you’ve gotta just take it all, when you can, when you’re awake enough to appreciate it.

So it’s not about trying to be achingly cool on instagram, or incredibly well dressed all the time. It’s about random midnight adventures, feeling a smile sweep across your face when you’re riding in the car and the music is so loud you feel alive. It’s, shall we go get a Mcflurry? when it’s 10pm on a Thursday night in October and you’ve already taken your bra off. It’s having work the next day but going out for drinks with old pals anyway. It’s about taking the time, when you can, whether its a Tuesday in June, or a Sunday in December. So here’s to the good life, and here’s to time, and here’s too all the many, many blog posts i think about writing, while I’m too busy making plans..

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